Marketing & Communications

Raising the profile of the benefits of pathways to students, and debunking the myth that pathways are "tracking" students into low-wage careers, is an important element of success.  

Join the NEBPC Marketing & Branding Working Group 

Help raise the profile of community college Career Technical Education (CTE) programs and K-14 pathways, through this collaboration between NEBPC, SW Bay Area SB1070, DSNs, BACCC and colleges. Our goals for 2016 include:

  • Implement a regional marketing and branding strategy to raise the profile of community college CTE programs
  • Develop a repository of communications materials around K-14 pathways, including information for students, parents, institutional leadership

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Bay Area Regional College Career Education Marketing Strategy


Communication Resources around Pathways

Early College Credit - Coming Soon!

  • For Parents & Students: Earn Early College Credit! In English, Spanish
  • For Leadership & Boards: Template Presentation, One Page Overview

Pathways and Careers