Industry Engagement & Work-Based Learning

Exposure to work and employers through "work-based learning" is an important aspect of career pathways, and employers are critical partners. Many employers are eager to engage with education systems and students, viewing this as a way to find future employees, as well as give back to the community. However, employers also frequently receive a high volume of disparate "asks" from workforce and education providers. NEBCP's work focuses on building stronger networks of providers, norming underlying practices and developing supporting IT infrastructure to align and coordinate employer engagement, especially around work-based learning.   


Join the NEBPC Industry Engagement & Work-Based Learning Working Group

Collaborate with partners from K-12, Community Colleges, workforce development and economic development to build a more connected regional workforce and education system, and scale student opportunities with work-based learning. Focus areas in 2016 include:
  • Increase awareness among employers about ways to engage with students and scale work-based learning opportunities, through supporting regional employer engagement strategies, such as Earn & Learn East Bay

  • Support adoption of promising practices around employer engagement and collaboration with workforce and education partners, through expansion of the East Bay Business Engagement Network to include K-12 partners
  • Implement shared IT infrastructure to facilitate employer referrals across partner organizations, increase efficiency of employer engagement, and better track metrics.

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Work-Based Learning Resources


Industry Engagement Landscape in the North & East Bay


  • East Bay Business Engagement Network is a partnership among workforce, education and economic development organizations to work together to grow and retain businesses in the East Bay. By creating a tighter network of service providers through which to refer employers to other partner organizations, employers can more readily and efficiently access business services, job seekers, training opportunities and economic development supports. 
    • To enable this work, the region has developed B2B Engage, a shared, web-based customer relationship management tool (CRM).   
  • Coming Soon: Regional Map of Partners & Initiatives
  • Summary of workforce & education-related employer engagement efforts by funding source in the North & East Bay region