College & Career Counseling

A best practice for career pathways development in NEBPC is the incorporation of career exploration, 10-year education planning, and college and career readiness skills.  Collaboration between K-12 and college counselors is important to ensure that counseling professionals have up-to-date knowledge and aligned expectations around readiness.  


Join the Get Focused....Stay Focused!™ Pilot Program

The North & East Bay Get Focused...Stay Focused!™ (GFSF) Pilot Program is designed to seed and support implementation of GFSF in K-12 high schools, by defraying start-up costs related to professional development, materials and curriculum in 2016 (cohort I) and 2017 (cohort II), providing technical assistance on college credit and A-G, and facilitating peer-to- peer communities of practice.

This pilot program is a collaborative effort of the North & East Bay Pathways Consortium (SB1070), Diablo Gateways to Innovation and the Northern California Career Pathways Alliance.

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College & Career Readiness Tools & Curricula